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Dream Event Flyer & Web Banner

regalado-dreamflyerFor this flyer, I aimed to appeal to the wannabe hackers and gamers who strive really hard to look badass by making my photo ominously dark. The event itself, a twist on “Greek Life,” is basically a live podcast where I would rant about various aspects of nerd culture and talk about trending news in the geek world.

While I did have a hard time adjusting the colors, my biggest challenge and my best success was finding the right filter that darkened the layer enough without blotting out some parts of the background in the photo.

Dream Event Banner

Geek Strife has another upcoming live event during the opening week of the Khan Theater! The flyer didn’t feel iconic enough, so this time around I used what I consider better photo to be the central focus. I cut out a portion, smoothed the edges, and then put it through several filters, most notably Posterize. I also included the same font and color scheme from the flyer. This time around, the biggest challenge and my best success (I think) was being able to modify the font sizes and alignment to fit into their spaces while still getting ample attention.