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Creature Composite


Final Composite Image

Composite Creature
don’t make him angry

Seems like I’ve created a cute monstrosity.

  1. I used Quick Selection to cut the pieces from their respective images, then refined their edges with an emphasis on smoothing and edge shifting. I scaled the different parts down to match the size of the main body. In my opinion, my biggest success was rotating the parts to look like they grew naturally.
  2. I used Image Adjustments to de-saturate the original colors, darken each piece, and to blend all of their hues into a dark blue. I also used Quick Selection once again to highlight some spots and increase their brightness. Blending the images together to appear believably connected was my biggest challenge, as they were all different colors and some had a sunlight sheen.
  3. Not wanting body parts to appear out of place despite my blending, I rearranged the layers so that the ears were separated (one would be placed behind the head) and the tail looked like it came out of the rump rather than the beast’s side.
  4. For the background, I decreased the brightness and saturation. I used Quick Selection for the area below the beast and darkened it to mimic a shadow.

Sources Images (w/ hyperlinks in captions)

Source 2: Tufted Deer
Source 3: Bunny Ears
Source 1: Baby Musk Ox
Source 4: Cat Tail
Source 5: Cat’s Glowing Eye
Source 6: Shady Grass