Regalado-headerI design because it’s fun, and that’s as basic as it gets for me.

I believe that the world is more vibrant, more dynamic, and more satisfying than people initially perceive. To me, design is a means of communicating the raw energy and beauty that’s often overlooked in our everyday routine. I derive no little joy from making people grin with my graphics; there’s more to me than the drab persona I wear, and designing helps me show what I have to offer.

I’ve always been drawn towards the raw and iconic – the Nike Swoosh, the Disney Mickey Mouse head, and so on. I think I’m rather flexible in my abilities, but I prefer to design as simply as possible, with minimal textures (if any) and basic shapes. Logo design is a hobby of mine, and I try my best to make something easily memorable. Having to make photo-shopped images from time to time, my style of editing involves a designating a focal point and putting it in front of a contrasting background that serves to emphasize that point.